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Quall AssassinCitadel 7 – Quall Assassin Crossfire

by Yuan Jur
Genre: Science Fiction, New Adult, New Adult Fantasy

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Teaser… Talaza Bane is a Quall assassin. He lives and breathes the clan’s code. All races known to him have one name for his world, Tora. It means – to engage. No race survives on Tora without trial or loss, not even the invincible Scarzen warriors south of his mountain. On the next dawn of his world’s sun, all Talaza has known as real and true will be tested in the extreme. Not his stealth nor skill with blade and poison will help his choice and consequences of his actions will reach farther than the wisest of his clan could ever conceive. Worlds outside Tora and its star system were made beyond reach for a reason long ago. Agents from other worlds both spirit-sider and solid explore Toran forests and the imposing hinterlands, then leave without engagement. Talaza has seen them arrive in their metal birds that sound like thunder. The last sky visitor was different. They did something. Hex, the Dark Star now stirs. He has lived on Tora in their dreams and spoke on the wind long before Quall lived on Black Mountain. Hex is not of Talaza’s world. The mystics always told he came from the sky. For more info...

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  • Edition: eBook
  • ISBN-13: 9780994215307
  • Publisher: Waadoom
  • Pages: 23
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About the AuthorGrand Prize Winner

A lifelong lover of stories and storytelling, Yuan Jur grew up in a mining and steel town on the east coast of Australia. After a three-year term in the military, he turned to the craft and study of medieval weapons and armor-making while in a continuing parallel study in Eastern theology, Zen Buddhism, and martial arts. Yuan Jur completed a twelve-year study in this pursuit and qualified as an accomplished master of Chinese martial arts and theology.

During that stage of his career, he became a popular and entertaining public speaker and storyteller in both China and Australia, thanks to his charismatic and down-to-earth style. Then Yuan Jur’s life took a major turn when he was forced into retirement after a life-threatening illness occurred in 2007, ending his monastic career.

At forty-nine years old, Yuan Jur decided on a new direction as a full-time sci-fi writer and storyteller for the Western public. He desired to offer readers stories that have an original style and interpretation of myth and adventure that relate to people of all walks of life, using the genres of fantasy and science fiction and appealing to readers from mature teens to adults.

Out of that desire came Yuan Jur’s original sci-fi Superverse series called Citadel 7, already the winner of multiple Cygnus Awards and now commencing with the Earth’s Secret Trilogy.

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